3 Easy and Secured Steps to Send Money!  

1. Register to WRS

  • Go to http://www.pnbrcionline.com/signup.
  • Accomplish the Sign Up for Membership page ensuring that those fields with an asterisk are filled up.
  • Read and Agree to the User Agreement
  • Register your US Bank account from where remittance money and fees will be coming from.
  • Register your beneficiary

2. Next day, Verify and Confirm account information.

  • Get your PNB Key Code from your US Bank account's electronic banking statement or by   calling your US Bank . The PNB Key Code comes with the 1 cent deposit made by WRS on the US Bank account you registered earlier.
  • Log in to http://www.pnbrcionline.com using the Username and Password registered earlier.
  • Enter your PNB Key Code.

3. Send Money!


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